The ongoing saga of the restructure of the Dutch football pyramid has entered yet another stage. In this week’s paper version of VI, the chairman of CED (governing body of the Dutch second tier) suggests a change to the number of teams relegated from the top flight and therefore a greater number of teams promoted in their place. Currently only one team is promoted automatically and two other top flight spots are up for grabs via play-offs.

  • By Nick van Ruiven
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boeleCED chairman Marc Boele proposes a new set up which would see the current number of teams in the second tier reduced to 19, rather than the current 20. This would mean that teams will have a weekend off twice per season. He also suggests that two teams should go up automatically from the second tier. This would see the champions go up as normal, and the runners-up enter a play-off competition with the four highest finishers in the regular season, as well as the so called “period champions”.

Speaking to VI, Boele admits that those plans are still premature and probably unfeasible but the CED are working hard behind the scenes towards a five-year-plan to revamp the second tier of Dutch football and therefore create a more healthy Dutch fooball pyramid.

Others plans include setting a new third tier with non-league teams and reserve teams from current league clubs and merging other reserve teams in the non-league pyramid. Those plans were however met with huge criticism and are very unlikely to get the green light as things stand at the moment.

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