Dutch FA chairman Bert van Oostveen spoke to the NOS about a 10-year plan the Dutch FA have unveiled to ensure that the Netherlands are back alongside the world football elite in the future by the year 2026. 

  • By James Rowe

van oostOostveen admitted to seeking out the opinion of many foreign counterparts including current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on the current state of Dutch football.

Oostveen said, ”As you know a year and a half ago we started the process with a congress involving all parties to see how we could make Dutch football better. We came to the conclusion that there are 11 main points and today we will present our findings to the parties involved and also to the clubs.

”We are targeting the year 2026 by which time we want to return Dutch football back to where we think we belong which is at the top and that takes time.”We have to find ourselves again we have

”We have to find ourselves again we have spoken to many people abroad for example Arsene Wenger who stated that ” You have done a great job in the previous years but due to carelessness you are now behind in a football sense.”

”On the basis of these points, we have to ensure that we make progression. We see that international football has changed in terms of being quicker and more compact and we have to adjust to that and if you can adjust to that within your own culture that can only be a good thing”.

”The Eredivisie is at this moment in time exciting with the title race but if you look at it in a broader sense take our last Friendly game against France in terms of standard that is the Eredivisie against the Champions League.

”It’s a shame that we will not be participating this summer at Euro 2016 and we only have ourselves to blame but we must continue and fully focus on qualifying for the world cup in Russia in 2018”.

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