KNVB director Bert van Oostveen has given his reaction to the terrible events in Paris on Friday, but has also stated Netherlands are ready to play Germany on Tuesday.

  • By James Rowe

van oostveen nedThe German national team were in Paris on Friday for a friendly with France, and there were question marks over whether the game would take place.

KNVB Director Bert van Oostveen spoke to Bert Maalderink of the NOS about the aftermath of the Wales game and the upcoming friendly game against Germany on Tuesday. Below is a transcript of the interview.

BM, ”How did the KNVB react to the attacks in Paris on Friday night’?”

BVO.”We were astonished when we arrived back in the hotel after the game we saw the images on TV in astonishment and silence. I have contacted the French FA to offer our condolences on behalf of everybody involved in Dutch football to all the victims and families of the victims”.

BM .”What type of European Championship will it be in France ? ”.

BVO .”I think and hope a really nice one in spite of the the terrible events on Friday we must carry on and we have also seen in the past that terrorist attacks at random sporting events can happen. Friday’s event will have an impact on Euro 2016. But I really hope that it will be a great tournament”.

BM. ”Do you think that the European Championship should still be held in France.There are already reservations and comments such as should it not be moved to another country?”

BVO ”At the precise moment in time I am not in a position to judge. I have insufficient knowledge of the safety elements. It is up to the French authorities and what they think, but I hope as a fan of sport that Euro 2016 goes ahead in the country that originally received the tournament after a successful bid to host it.”

BM ”Yesterday in Paris, France played against Germany the next opponent of the Netherlands. The German players stayed overnight in the stadium. Tuesday is the game against the Netherlands. Will the game still go ahead ?”.

BVO ”As far as we are concerned the game is still going ahead I have also spoken to my German counterparts and you must not forget that the German national team returned to Frankfurt after a hectic and turbulent night. The German team has also sent their players home to give them rest and we understand they have been in a situation they nobody wanted or could have foreseen so we also have to give them time. We have also stated that we are prepared to play and we await their reaction”.

BM ”What do you anticipate their reaction to be because people say that if you do not play the game you are playing into the hands of terrorists and that the game must be played”.

BVO ”We share the same sentiments but we also show understanding for the emotions on the German side and we believe that we must give them time, but once again as far as we are concerned the game is going ahead”.

BM ”Is it a joint decision or is the decision up to the German football association” ?.

BVO ”The final decision rests with the German football association they are the country that are playing at home and if there are decisions to be weighed up separate from the emotional that I am am not aware of at the moment then we would also have to take that into account”.

”Safety is always the most important thing as in this case we have also contacted the embassy in Berlin”. ”At this precise moment in time there are no indications that the situation in Germany is different than normal it appears safe. but we also have to take into account the emotional side of the German players and staff and we must give them time. A final decision is due to be made on Sunday by the German football association”.

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