Cambuur Leeuwarden manager Henk de Jong is in positive mood in anticipation of the Friese derby tomorrow against Heerenveen.

  • By James Rowe

de jong heThe current manager of Cambuur is also an ex player of Heerenveen, having played for them for a duration of 18 months, 30 years ago.

De Jong was speaking to NOS in the run up to the derby. “We have trained for two days. My players are used to it and we are ready for Sunday”.

De jong also gives an interesting insight on the derby, “I notice that the rivalry is very deep here it will be the same for the Heerenveen supporters. Years ago it was Cambuur that was the bigger club and all credit to Heerenveen for turning that around.

“With our aspirations of a new stadium we must look to match them and then we will also be real competitors with each other. On Sunday we are sportive enemies and then after the game that is over.”

Cambuur have drawn six and lost four of their opening ten games this season. Henk de jong is realistic about his own position and he does not anticipate being relieved of his duties. “I do not expect the sack at this moment in time but I am also realistic. I can’t go another five games without winning. I would also think that is a logical decision and of course I would not be happy about it and you always have to be realistic in this world.”

Henk de jong also revealed he has received hate mail due to Cambuur’s current form,  “I throw them away and it has not been too frequent and it is very strange to receive that type of thing. But they are not threats. They are mad things that people say. People can also be jealous of you. Since that period I have not received any more hate mail.

“I predict a 3-1 win for Cambuur on Sunday we can spring a surprise.”

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