Johan Cruyff has praised Bayern Munich and Netherlands winger Arjen Robben for the decisions he has made in his career.

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11robballThis is what the 67 year old had to say about Robben in his weekly column for De Telegraaf, “Robben is a player who is an example for many young footballers. Because if Robben had not opted for Bayern Munich and just for the money he would have stayed at Real Madrid and not achieved all that he has”

“Robben is a good proof of how important it is to make the right choices throughout your career. At 30, he has perhaps the best contract of his career, which makes it clear that you do not necessarily have to opt for the big money at 21.”

The former PSV Eindhoven man joined Bayern in 2009 and has since then managed to win everything that there is to win in club football.

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