dy blindNational team manager Danny Blind spoke to the NOS after the Netherlands 3-2 defeat to France in Amsterdam last night. He bemoaned player errors and back luck and also a failure to see out the game when the Netherlands clawed their way back to 2-2 having been 2-0 down.

”We knew and rightly so that the supporters saw this game as a tribute to Johan Cruyff but as soon as he whistle blows then the game starts and then there are 22 players on the pitch that want to win the game ”.

”We started the game really badly otherwise we would not have been 2-0 down after 13 minutes Antoine Griezmann with an impeccable free kick and we not alert enough with the corner that led to the 2-0 ” . ” Then we were 2-0 down against a team that I rate highly and a team that has a great chance to win Euro 2016”.

”We should have kept the score at 2-2. ” In the 2nd half I changed the formation to a 433 formation so that my players could recognize the system and you saw that worked because we became threatening again in an attacking sense and created chances ” .

”In top level football the small details count and a good opponent punishes you as in the case with us tonight”.

James Rowe (696 Posts)