James Rowe recently spoke to VfL Osnabruck midfielder Jules Reimerink. They talked about his memories of playing in his native Netherlands for Go Ahead Eagles, his time at German side Energie Cottbus and his current challenge in the 3. Liga with VfL Osnabruck.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

JR: ”In 2016 you signed for VfL Osnabruck in Germany. Are you enjoying your time at the club so far? ”

Jules: ”VfL Osnabruck are a real people’s club which has a stadium with a capacity of 16.000. They average around 8,000-12.000 fans per home match. It’s a great club that is also close to the Netherlands. I commute every day from the Netherlands to Germany for training. I am pleased to be able to combine that in such a way. ”

JR: ”As a professional footballer how are you finding the 3. Liga? ”

Jules: ”I would compare the 3. Liga here in Germany to the lower regions of the Eredivisie in terms of quality. You have to work very hard. In the Netherlands many teams play with 433 formation whereas many teams here in Germany play with 5 defenders and players behind the ball. ”

JR: ”You played for Energie Cottbus between (2010 – 2012). How do you look back on your time at the club? ”

Jules: ”I really enjoyed my time at Energie Cottbus. It was like a fairytale at times. We played some great football and we finished 5th during my first season at the club and we also reached the semi-finals of the DFB Pokal where we lost to MSV Duisburg. On the way to reaching the semi-finals, we managed to eliminate many Bundesliga club’s. In my 2nd year it was difficult because our manager was sacked and under his successor, I did not play very often so that is why I decided to return to the Netherlands to play for VVV Venlo. ”

JR: ”As someone who has played for VVV Venlo between 2012 and 2014. How would you describe your time at the club? ”

Jules: ”My time at VVV Venlo was very enjoyable. I got on really well with my teammates and made some good friends. My first season at the club I barely played through injury but in my 2nd season things started to take off and we had a good mix of players such as Randy Wolters, Leon De Kogel and Jerold Promes and my 2nd season at the club was the highlight of my time there. ”

JR: ”You have experienced football in the Netherlands and Germany. Do you see differences between the two countries?”

Jules: ”Yes definitely in Germany there is more attention on discipline and carrying out your task within the team and that is different to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, they appear to be much more relaxed. It is expected in Germany that you carry out your defensive duties and then go on the attack. For example, a right back in the Netherlands must reach the byline around 10 times a match and put in a cross. In Germany a right back dispossess his opponent first. ”

JR: ”You also played for Go Ahead Eagles in the past Jules. Can you describe what it is like to play in the Ijsselderby against PEC Zwolle? ”

Jules: ”The first thing you notice about the derby is that in the week leading up to it that supporters attend the training sessions and we receive a lot of media attention and you become very focused on the match. In the 2009 / 2010 season I scored the winning goal in the Ijsselderby at home in Deventer and that was very special indeed. ”

JR ” Can you say who is the best player you have played with so far in your career? ”

Jules: ”I played with Nils Peterson at Energie Cottbus who went on to play for Bayern Munich. He currently plays for SC Freiburg. Also, Leon Bittencourt was also my teammate at Energie Cottbus who currently plays for FC Cologne. I also played with good players in the Netherlands too, for example, Peter van Ooijen who plays for Heracles Almelo maybe he is not too well know but he is a fantastic player in my opinion. ”

JR: ”Who is the most difficult opponent that you have ever faced?”

Jules: ”In Germany, I played against David Alaba who plays for Bayern Munich and that was very tough but a great experience. I also played against Brazilian Ze Roberto when he was playing as a left back for Hamburger SV I really enjoyed playing against such great opponents it was difficult at times but very enjoyable none the less. ”

JR: ”Finally Jules who are the managers that have helped you a lot during your career as a professional footballer in the Netherlands and Germany? ”

Jules: ”During my first period at Go Ahead Eagles, I always thought that Andries Ulderink was a very good manager and his assistant Michel Boerenbach too. In my youth teams at FC Twente, I had a manager called Rene Nijhuis who he helped me a lot. At Energie Cottbus my manager was Claus-Dieter Wollitz and he was also very good. ”

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