Frank de Boer spoke today in his press conference about the departure of Johan Cruyff from Ajax.

  • By James Rowe

de boer aja chamCruyff announced earlier this week that he was quitting his role as an adviser to Ajax after believing the club were failing to stick to his ideas,

However speaking to the press about Cruyff’s decision, coach Frank de Boer declared that Ajax will still follow the Velvet Revolution which was put in place by the legendary winger.

De Boer said, ”I find it is a massive shame because I also share his vision and that is why I find it a shame that he has stopped. We believe that we will carry on his vision”.

”Yesterday I saw Johan Cruyff on television and it’s great to see that he is combative and that he meets it head on in order to get better. I would have preferred it if he had stayed here at Ajax and came by every now and again to give his vision of what he has seen.

” Me, Dennis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars and Edwin van der Sar will all continue to strive to achieve that vision.”

On the situation with Wim Jonk, who was forced out of the club, De Boer added, ”The difference with Wim Jonk is more of a work conflict than with the vision itself.

“I have no problems whatsoever with Wim Jonk it is only a work conflict that that been underway already for the last year and a half. Current director Michael Kinsbergen has tried to find a solution and then Edwin van der Sar tried but it must stop at some point ”.

” I can only imagine as directors that at some point you think enough is enough”.

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