The Netherlands failed to win for the third game in a row on Sunday as they were held to a 0-0 draw by Bosnia and Herzegovina but Frenkie de Jong is not concerned at the moment.

Speaking to NOS on the game, De Jong said, “A draw is never good and certainly not tonight. We got some chances in the second half, but this was not enough. We knew there would be spaces on certain parts of the field, so you have to create a surplus situation or give balls behind the defence. In the last pass we were sometimes a bit sloppy today, even in the preceding phase. That is a point of attention. “

Netherlands were sloppy and allowed Bosnia chances on the counter attack, “If we gave a cross and they cleared the ball, they would come out too often. Especially in the first half. After the break that went better, but it must be better. 

“At half-time, Quincy and Donyell switched sides. There was often some space in the zone on the right, where Quincy came to play. We discussed that. We had to keep playing and be patient. Patience does not necessarily mean that we play the ball around in the back and wait. You shouldn’t force the ball into it from forty meters.”

De Jong is not ready to panic with the nations form, “But we are not happy now either. We didn’t win three times in a row, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it a big thing. The team spirit is still there, we are still the same players with qualities. It doesn’t feel good right now, you also have those phases. But I’d rather we have that now than during a final tournament.”

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