Former FC Twente manager Gertjan Verbeek spoke to the NOS’s Joep Schreuder about having received death threats via social media.

  • By James Rowe
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Verbeek was sacked at the end of March after a torrid spell in charge of the Enschede club, who have since been relegated.

Verbeek said, ”I still harbour ambitions of being a manager again but my preference is to work behind the scenes at a club and maybe even at board level.

”In the current day as a manager, you almost do not get any time anymore to work with your team and create a culture and positive club environment.

”I have been a manager in the spotlight for 17 years and that is long time. I have also managed 77 European matches. We shall wait and see and happens.

”Managers receive less time to perform and you can see the influence of social media too. You must also think of your personal responsibilities.

”My partner saw on social media that I have received 700 death threats and that is not nice and to have to receive special attention from security at the player’s bus too.

”I do not view myself as a victim that is top sport it’s either good or bad. I do however prefer to ignore social media ”

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