Recently retired Dutch manager Huub Stevens has spoken candidly to NOS Joep Schreuder about having to retire on health grounds regarding his heart.

  • By James Rowe

stevens huuThe 62-year-old managed clubs such as Roda JC and PSV, whilst also having success in Germany with FC Cologne (winning the Bundesliga II) and Schalke 04 where he won the UEFA Cup in 1997.

Stevens told NOS, “I must say that I was not in too much discomfort and naturally I was shocked but is it quiet simple you have 10 fingers but only 1 heart, you can miss 1 finger but not a heart so you have to be careful about these things ”.

Huub Stevens also opened up about management, ”The most important thing is to be able to get along with your players,  you must also be a people manger with of course a good tactical insight. It is also important that as a manager that the team you select functions well.

”I also think currently that you must keep a squad much more focused on the football elements for example when players leaven training these days they do not think about football anymore.”

During Stevens’s first season as a manager in 1995 he lead Roda JC to 2nd in the league behind Champions League winner Ajax he states the secret of their success ” We were a real team who had so much fun with one another and great charisma too. How my players got along with one another and what they achieved was exceptional ”.

Looking ahead to the PSV v Ajax match today in Eindhoven. The former PSV manager believes that PSV have currently more in their locker than Ajax. ”I think that PSV are further on than Ajax at this moment in time.

“PSV must also insure that they are not too over confident.”

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