According to KNVB director of top football Nico-Jan Hoogma, there is no concern that PSV Eindhoven youngster will choose an international career with Morocco.

The 19-year-old made the decision 18 months ago that he would represent the Netherlands over Morocco, but he has still not made his Oranje debut. On Monday, Ihattaren was also left out of the Netherlands U21 squad for the upcoming European Championships.

Speaking to Algemeen Dagblad, Hoogma said he is not scared that Ihattaren will now choose a career with Morocco, “I have heard nothing about a choice other than the Netherlands. There is contact with Ihattaren. He is going through a difficult phase. He has to play for his club again. Then we are confident that the rest will come again.”

Jong Oranje head coach Erwin van de Looi confirmed that he spoke with the KNVB over leaving Ihattaren out, “Everything comes up. But we are going to a European Championship. Then I prefer players who know how we work and play. And also players who are fit for the match. Those are two things that are less present at Mo at the moment.”

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