The KNVB have revealed plans as of this season to present a golden championship shield to the champions at the end of this season to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Eredivisie in place of the normal silver trophy.

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schaal-ereKNVB chairman Gijs de Jong explained to NOS the reasons behind the initiative, “This is the 60th anniversary of the Eredivisie and we are proud of it along with the Jupiler League and Dutch cup and we want to take the opportunity to show that with a special jubilee shield for example the normal silver championship shield details are engraved and for this commemorative trophy they are inked in gold and the recipients will not just be this season but every 10 years such a shield will be presented to the champions.”

“I believe that the Eredivisie has a positive future but we must also not close our eyes to reality and work together with with players and managers to evaluate where adjustments can be made. I am certain that changes will be made in the coming years and we must not be pessimistic if you look how exciting our national leagues are for example PSV winning the title on the last day of last season if you compare that to Germany or Spain then we must be happy. ¬†Our leagues also have a lot of young talent and we must ensure that continues to come through. That is our goal.”

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