The KNVB have announced that FC Twente will be sent down to the Eerste Divisie as punishment for money mismanagement.

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twe hee uviniThe former Eredivisie champions have been under investigation from the licence commission this season after misleading the KNVB over their finances. The club could have had their licence removed, but the commission have decided to relegate Twente from the Eredivisie and give them a second chance in the Eerste Divisie.

A statement from the KNVB read, “On the basis of the licensing regulations, the license commission had apparently two options.

“The first option was a fine of 45, 250 euros. In the eyes of the committee, this is too light a punishment. The second option was the withdrawal of the license ,which is justified by the past. Based on all the good work of the past six months, however, the Committee believes that it would be disproportionately heavy.

“Therefore, the license commission will revoke the license, thus the entitlement to play professional football. However, then the commission will directly grant Twente a new license because the club has made a clean sweep. With this new license, Twente then drops to the lowest professional level and that is the Jupiler League (Eerste Divisie).”

The decision from the KNVB is not yet formal, and FC Twente could still appeal the final decision which will be made after Central Players Council (CSR) give their opinion.

KNVB director Bert van Oostveen stated on the news, “We feared the licensing commission would pull the plug completely.

“Luckily the commission has found a way out. FC Twente is a big club with a lot of supporters and the KNVB is pleased the club has been given a second chance.”

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