Just Spee, chairman of the KNVB, has said the organisation will fight against plans to start a European Super League.

In the past few weeks, speculation has risen again that a European Super League is being discussed amongst Europe’s biggest clubs.

Speaking to Algemeen Daglad, Spee says the club’s interested in a Super League are making a mistake, “They ignore an essential foundation under football: local and national ties.”

Spee believes the fans should speak out against the idea because of rivalry between clubs, “As a football fan you have it after four games between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. Rivalry is nice, but that is much more with Liverpool – Everton than with PSG against Man City. That is not going to change overnight.”

Spee concedes that the big clubs hold all the power, “If they cross the bridge, then we have to deal with that. That is Clear. But as long as that hasn’t happened yet, we will do everything we can to influence them. Also because we are convinced that it is simply not the right step.”

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