The KNVB want to bring a video referee into the KNVB cup competition next season.

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van egmondThe Association wanted the step to be undertaken this year in the Semi Finals of the Dutch Cup but failed to get the go ahead.

International Football Association Board (IFAB) will meet from 27th February to 1st march to discuss the proposal put forward by the KNVB.

This is what the chief referee Dick van Egmond told NU sport,

“Of course we could rather start testing earlier, but we also need to find: quality and accuracy before speed.”

“Our proposal is that it is a test in the cup. That could be changed if the IFAB that wants to, but that’s not the expectation.”

“We are the only country that has made such a proposal. We then so be the first country during matches using a video assistant.”

The expectation is that the video referee will watch the match from a studio and he can then help the referee several times during the match.

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