Netherlands head coach Ronald Koeman has once again stated his commitment to the Dutch national team.

It has already been revealed that Koeman has a clause in his contract with the KNVB that allows him to join Barcelona after the European Championships, if the Spanish giants make a move for him.

That clause has not changed despite the Euro’s being delayed by a year.

Speaking to Sport, Koeman confirmed his commitment to Oranje, “My dedication to the Dutch national team remains the same. In any case, I will remain national coach until after the European Championship in 2021.

“I would have preferred that the clause would not have been disclosed at all, but it came out without my permission. And now I am not going to deny its existence.

“When I started as a coach I had two dreams: one, to become national team coach of the Dutch national team. And two, one day to be a coach of FC Barcelona.”

Koeman is still happy to wait for his chance to coach the Spanish giants, “Barça already has a coach by the way, and he is doing very well. I can only say: time will tell. One of the things that this corona crisis has taught us is that all of the can change overnight. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for us. “

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