Ronald Koeman has spoken to NOS about his future with Barcelona and his relationship with chairman Joan Laporta.

During the summer, Laporta was looking for a new head coach but when one could not be found, Koeman was allowed to stay on. However, the club are now reportedly in talks with Koeman over a new contract.

Speaking to NOS, Koeman said his relationship with Laporta is still not ideal, “Last week there was also something in the media, which I think is not possible.

“That again suggests that the trainer does not have full power. He said a little too much. That is best done indoors. I like it when a president is committed and also asks questions. But that shouldn’t be in the press, that was the problem”

Looking back on the summer, Koeman added, ‘I don’t look back on it fondly. I think you should always be clear. When you, as a club, let things blow a bit and are not clear in the future of a trainer, then you get speculation. And if you’re the one who’s the trainer, that’s no fun.”

Koeman then said on a new contract, “One minute it’s nothing, the next it could be anything. I know it also depends on the outcome. I am open to staying. I’m just having fun. Thanks to me, this club has a future,”

Koeman thinks it will take time to make Barcelona a major force again,  “Sportingly, this club will always be good. The question is can you get back to the level where you will really win Champions Leagues and be the best in Spain for years in a row. That is not the case at the moment. Let’s hope it will come again. It may well take two years before you can really compete financially with clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea.”

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