The Minister of Medical Care and Sport in the Netherlands is open to football resuming in the country before the 1st of September.

The Dutch government have announced that football cannot resume in the Netherlands before the 1st of September. However, it has become clear that the KNVB have been trying to convince the government to change that date until August.

Speaking to NOS, Martin van Rijn, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, opened the door for the KNVB.

He said, “If it were possible under certain conditions to do it earlier, I would like to look at it.

“That is exactly the reason why we asked the KNVB: make a plan, so that we can assess what is and what is not possible. They have expressed their willingness to do so.”

Van Rhijn spoke to KNVB director Eric Gudde, “I thought it was realistic and constructive. The KNVB also sees that large events with a large audience are an additional risk factor. Nor do they ask the government to do that. They also understand that the government does not have a big bag of money ready.

“There must be a plan first. Then we can see what is possible and what is not possible. ” 

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