PEC Zwolle manager Ron Jans saw his team squander a 2-0 half time lead in Nijmegen to end up drawing 2-2 with NEC. When speaking to NOS he reiterated his belief that although his club are strong in certain areas that statistics aren’t everything.

  • By James Rowe

jans zwolPEC Zwolle completely dominated the first half in Nijmegen and although they were 2-0 up at the break, it could have easily been 3-0 or 4-0.

Jans told NOS after seeing his side crumble in the second half, ”We should have won the game in the first half we had 4 one on one chances with the keeper in which we only scored one goal”.

” I did not have to say much in terms of tactics at half time but after the 2-1 we found things difficult”. It has be quite apparent that PEC Zwolle very rarely drop points from winning positions.

”Statistics may well prove this but statistics are not everything it’s players that make the difference. I even had the feeling when it was 2-2 that we could still win the game”.

Ron Jans also praised the input of former Excelsior Rotterdam & Nottingham Forest striker Lars Veldwijk. ”He showed today how important he can be for the team in winning aerial duels and one on one’s with the opponent if he continues in this vein he will only become more important for us”.

”He is an eager spits who wants to score goals and his all round play is improving”.

PEC Zwolle goalkeeper Kevin Begois showed once again he has difficulty in defending long balls as seen in the run up to Janio Bikel’s goal for NEC. ”During the attack Kevin made misjudgments we seem to struggle with breaks in play lately. Some people think that statistics are all too decisive but they must learn to look at the players and what they actually see themselves and not just statistics.

James Rowe (696 Posts)