Former Danish international Kenneth Perez has expressed doubts about Arjen Robben’s return to Groningen.

On Saturday, Groningen confirmed that the 36-year-old would be coming out of retirement and will play for the club next season.

Perez, who is an analyst with Fox Sports, hopes it will work out well but has his doubts due to Robben’s injury issues, “It must be very itchy with him. He hasn’t played in a year and was already incredibly prone to injury.”

“I sincerely hope that he can play 34 games and that he is the Robben we like to see. With his injury history, I think it’s a bold choice. I hope his body can handle it, but I wonder. Playing football won’t be a problem.”

Perez also thinks there could be issues in the dressing room, “I am afraid that there is a big difference between how he experiences it and – I do not want to say the semi-amateurs – the players of FC Groningen experience it. Some will really like his presence, but some will also get very annoyed by his fanaticism. “

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