Dutch FA technical director Hans van Breukelen spoke on the Dutch sports program Studio Sport about the appointment of the former Dutch national team volleyball coach Peter Blange as the very first performance and innovation manager of the Dutch FA.

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blangeHans van Breukelen said, ” I want to be completely clear what Peter Blange is going to do in his role because that is very important because there has been an awful lot said and written about the role of performance innovation manager. It is quiet simple Peter will in the beginning internally within the Dutch FA look at what exactly the professionals are doing and the wishes of the national team managers in order to make a programme where we can help make all players and managers better.

”The second aspect is that we the Dutch FA in Zeist want to be the football knowledge centre of the Netherlands. That means assessing that happens within the Dutch FA. I have spoken to many technical directors at many different clubs about what they Dutch FA can help them with. You also have to remember the enormous diversity between the top clubs and what they want to achieve.

”That means that we realise as the Dutch FA that if we want to be there for the clubs we must build a football knowledge centre where all clubs can be helped with their wishes in terms of making players and coaches better in the future. Peter Blange must coordinate that the Dutch FA works together with the clubs in terms of science, enterprise and conducting investigations together with universities that the concerns from football clubs can be solved.

”In regards to employing an ex-volleyball player within the Dutch FA it’s about top sport and in terms of top sport it’s about choosing someone who has experienced what it takes in order to improve every day and the small details involved. Peter Blange has also been involved the last 8 years with professional Dutch clubs and he has listened to what their needs are. He fits our profile in terms of creating a football knowledge centre.”

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