Arjen Robben expected more from his comeback season but is not giving up hope that he can be important for Groningen before the end of the season.

Since coming out of retirement, Robben has only made two short appearances for Groningen.

Speaking to RTV Noord, Robben said, “I started this entire process purely for the club. The fact that I keep going, has to do with my own pride, I think. The rationale and the emotional sometimes collide. Of course you can say: Arjen, you have now played for 49 minutes and that is simply too little. I also expected more from it. And somewhere I know that it will work and that will I also like to show you. “

Robben is motivated, but also cautious, “I may have to draw a different conclusion in six weeks. That I have to say: it’s over and out. But I have the hope that it will still work out. I no longer have to play the stars of heaven here, but just want to play. Stand on the field and give something back to all those people. When I come to the club and I see 1500 shirts with my name ready, I think I should continue. “

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