Fans around the world haven’t cheered Van Persie’s name is quite some time now as the Dutchman has endured yet another injury to add to his collection. There are many questions being asked about Van Persie’s situation and his impact on Manchester United. How much does Robin Van Persie still have to offer the Red Devils?

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van persie fleiInjuries, Injuries and more Injuries

Throughout Robin’s career, he has endured many injuries, especially during his time at Arsenal. The injuries have taken a large toll on his body; unfortunately he is no longer as fast, energetic and full of flair as he once was. However, class is permanent, there is plenty of potential for him to revive his career coming out of this latest injury slump. Recently, he declared that he was fit for the upcoming Manchester Derby, this Sunday. However, Van Gaal in today’s press conference suggested that he was not fit enough to play. At most, Van Persie will be lucky to be on the bench during one of Manchester United’s most important games of the season this Sunday. When he does become fully fit, does he have a place in the current United squad that is in their best form of the season?

Was his poor form his own fault?

With the wealth of talent in his squad, Van Gaal has no choice but to leave out top players match after match. Earlier in the season, Ander Herrera and Juan Mata spent their time on the bench, and now it’s Falcao and DiMaria doing their time. United are currently playing their best football which they lacked earlier in the season, when Van Persie was in the lineup. In the absence of Van Persie, Rooney and Fellaini have had success leading the lines for the team, but also, the returns of Carrick, Mata and Herrera have brought a new level of creativity and control to field for United. Van Gaal would have to drop one of Fellaini, Mata or Herrera to fit Van Persie back in the squad, but with the form they’ve been in, it seems very unlikely. Although many critics and fans feel Van Persie just didn’t offer much earlier in the season, it must be noted that United weren’t playing a style of football that creates many chances and allows a striker to flourish. With United’s current style of play, one can’t help to wonder if Van Persie would be able find his form once again.

Would RVP excel once again with Manchester United’s new style of play?

While Van Persie was fit and playing before his injury, United were playing two striker formations and in the meantime also trying to protect their un-established defence. The middle of the park really lacked any balance which didn’t allow the same control and penetration of United’s current midfield. We have seen Van Persie excel as a lone striker who has a constant line of service such as in his days under Ferguson or during his time with the Dutch national team. He is the type of striker who needs service and the ball on his feet as he lacks the strength or speed of other strikers. Vision in the likes of Carrick, Herrera, Mata and Rooney is crucial to produce more goals, and with the clinical finishing of Van Persie, much more could be scored.

Robin Van Persie is on the verge of his return just in time for this Sunday’s crucial match between the Manchester rivals. Depending on the way the game goes, Van Gaal may call on Van Persie to bring something to the pitch. Van Persie’s future at the club has been under speculation recently. It’s hard to say right now what the outcome will be, so it’s time for him to finish this season strong, go into the next one fit, and only then will his role at the club be decided.

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