Current Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel spoke to the NOS’s Joep Schreuder and pleaded with the Netherlands to keep their football identity.

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Tuchel was a guest speaker at the KNVB headquarters on Tuesday and afterwards spoke to NOS,

Tuchel said, ”We have elements of Dutch training methods in our training. We have a PSV passing exercise and an Ajax training exercise too. I also studied video’s of Foppe de Haan in the past and we have looked at things about Dutch football.

”The Dutch style was down to the specific training of many special players that is why we still work with these elements.

”It is not possible to copy the Dutch school of football. Dutch football will always stay strong as long as it stays true to itself.

”It is easy to identify a typical Ajax or Dutch national team player. You use words like attacking, dribbling and daring to take risks. I would not describe Dutch football as physical.

”You need friction between a manager and a player. Every player is different but some players need the friction to spur them on.

”The current Bundesliga has set out a clear goal in terms of youth development. This was born out of a failure in the past which is often the case when it does not go well at a club or national team. The will to change is often present when it is really needed. If it does not go well you have a great chance to put things right.

”It’s was a pleasure to share my thoughts on Dutch football with the Dutch media.”

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