After the leaking of the Doyen contracts this week Twente director Gerald van den Belt has admitted the club could lose their professional license. 

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van den belt twContracts surfaced on the internet this week that suggested investment company Doyen have influences over Twente’s transfer dealings, which is being investigated by the KNVB and could have serious consequences for the Enschede side.

Director Gerald van den Belt told his press conference, “The big question now is whether these documents are authentic. There is a lot unclear. Also for ourselves. We are very surprised by the appearance of those documents. We are not familiar with them. The key question is whether these papers are genuine. If they really are, we have a lot to explain. ”

On potential penalties, he added, “A fine or reprimand would be a favorable scenario in that case,”

“The ability to withdraw our pro card also exists, although I do not expect that. In the history of professional football are only licenses revoked in a bankruptcy. Deprivation of the license is the most extreme case. ”

Twente are waiting to hear from Doyen on whether the contracts are in fact genuine, but he admits that he has never seen any interference from the company.  “I’ve never experienced restrictions or obligations on their part,” said the director.

Van den Belt then concluded on a difficult week, “Confidence in the club starts to become very brittle, with fans, with sponsors and with the KNVB. It was just in the right direction with refinancing, but this could throw us back. There is a lot of panic at the club. That does not make things any easier. People are angry and disappointed. It’s another two for twelve in Enschede. What a shitty week.”

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