AZ Alkmaar manager John Van den Brom spoke to NOS about the emotions surrounding Belgian midfielder Stijn Wuytens after his collision with the Dundalk goalkeeper Gary Rogers during the 1-1 draw on Thursday.

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az-dundakWuytens lost consciousness after colliding with the keeper and their was real concern for him with tears in the eyes of his teammates and coach. Thankfully the midfielder regained consciousness and was later diagnosed with concussion at the hospital.

On the injury, van den Brom said, “The emotions that I was experiencing during the incident last night quickly disappeared after the game because we received the good news about Stijn Wuytens condition from the hospital that he only suffered a concussion.

”Against all expectations was he present at the club this morning and that is testament to his character. In the hospital they did all the tests with a neurologist present too and they reached the conclusion that he suffered a concussion.

”I was extremely emotional and in tears after the incident because we did not know what was wrong in the commotion there was reports that he had broken his neck and swallowed his tongue. The players came to the technical area in tears because we are all very close as team and we had difficulties dealing with the situation.

”Fortunately after the game we could hear what exactly was wrong with Stijn and we were pleased that he was ok which was a relief because they players have stated that they thought that a teammate was dying on the pitch and if you see such an injured player in such a scenario then that certainly has an impact and people would fully understand the emotions at that time”.

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