Netherlands captain Virgil van Dijk was not happy after the 0-0 draw against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Netherlands created chances late on against Bosnia but could not find a winner.

Speaking after the game, Van Dijk told NOS, “You want to win here, you should also win here as an Oranje international, so I am disappointed.

“The pace was too slow in possession, especially in the first half. We couldn’t get through it, while they did create some dangerous moments from the counter. 

“The alternation between looking for depth and getting into the ball was not good in the first half. That made it easy for them to defend. In the second half we let the ball go around a little faster and the organization was better, but you don’t get very big chances, which I find disappointing. We had some opportunities, you have to be lucky with that, but the big opportunities were not forthcoming. We will have to analyze that because it certainly needs to be improved. As a Dutch international you should definitely have won here.”

Van Dijk emphasised that the Netherlands players want to succeed in the Nations League, “Last year we noticed how great it can be to move up in the Nations League, we wanted that again.

“Of course the outside pressure is higher now, but you just have to enjoy it. We have a great selection with many top level players, but some stages just need to be much better. It could have been different, but I am disappointed that we did not win.”

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