Bert Van Oostveen spoke to the NOS about he decision to step down as chairman of the KNVB and cited the recent criticism of ”Oranje’s ” failure to qualify for Euro 2016 in France as one of the reasons why he came to the conclusion to step down.

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van oostveen nedVan Oostveen said, ”I have been involved with the KNVB for 21 years and for 6 of those years I have been chairman such a process is weighed up in your head. I started to review my position back in April and although I was re-elected last December I reflected upon events and I must say that our failure to qualify for Euro 2016 and the increasing criticism thereafter did a lot to me.

” It is not the case that I could not deal with the pressure but at the same time you cannot close your eyes to reality and such a reality is that there was pressure which you can deal with for a certain amount of time but you also know that such a thing effects your sustainability where things become mixed for example discussions about all kinds of things including the decision to reinstate FC Twente in the Eredivisie also became referred in terms of our failure to qualify. The pressure affects the credibility of being able to do your job properly” .

Current KNVB operations and league manager Gijs de Jong will take over the reigns from Bert Van Oostveen after 1st September.

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