Robin van Persie has revealed the ruthless conversation he had with Louis van Gaal that led to his departure from Manchester United.

Van Gaal and Van Persie struck up a good partnership at the 2014 World Cup, but when they were later united at Manchester United, their relationship fell apart.

The retired striker has revealed the conversation with Van Gaal that led to his exit from Old Trafford.

He told the High Performance Podcast, “I had this chat with Louis van Gaal and he told me: ‘Ok Robin, our ways will part. I’m the coach, you’re the player – you have to go, your time is up.

“I was like: ‘Yeah but I still have a contract?’ He said: ‘I don’t care.

“Ruthless. Towards the end of it, I saw something coming but not this ruthless. And the way he said it as well. And then, like a lot of things go through your mind when you get a message like that.

“I still had a contract, my family was happy, it was my 11th year in England. We love living in England. What’s next?

“My kids are going to school, they have their friends and everything. So in like a split second, all these things come across [your mind]. How do you react to that?

“I said: ‘We will see what happens. That’s your opinion. But I have a contract and I’m happy in England at Manchester United. So we will see what happens’. And I stood up, shook his hand and left it.”

In 2015, after being excluded from the squad, Van Persie left Manchester United for Fenerbahce.

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