In an exclusive interview with Football-Oranje, which you can watch here, Dutch defender Danique Kerkdijk spoke about her confidence for the future of the Netherlands Women’s team and what the men’s team can take from their summer success.

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The Dutch Women were hugely successful in the summer after they lifted the Euro 2017 trophy following a 4-2 win over Denmark. When asked whether Kerkdijk would be a future World Cup winner, the Bristol City Women defender replied, “We have to qualify first for the World Cup but that’s another cup we will win.”

However, Kerkdijk does realise the hard work ahead, saying, “It doesn’t mean if you win the Euros that you also can win the World Cup. It’s a new beginning and you have to finish it.”

The Euros had a big impact in the Netherlands this summer, bringing many smiles back onto the faces of the Dutch people, after another tough year in terms of the men’s sides. Kerkdijk was also quizzed on what advice the men’s national team could take from the ladies’ success, adding, “I think they have to believe in themselves, because they are really good. But if you’re not a team you won’t win games.”

The 21-year-old continued, “We had a lot of rules before the Euros like when are we posting things [on social media]. So we’re choosing not to post on game days because after a lot of people can say you were not focussed because you’re posting – you’re still on Instagram or Facebook. So we made rules about it. I think you have to do it because a lot of people are interested in you but on game day you have to focus on game day. So I think it’s easy to make rules and keep them.”

Enjoy the full interview with Danique here!

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