Barcelona and Netherlands fan Ibrahim Ayyub gives his opinion on the news that Ronald Koeman will be leaving his post as Oranje boss to take over at the Catalan giants.

The news that Ronald Koeman was going to become FC Barcelona’s new manager was surprising and disappointing. Koeman ended the Oranje’s ordeal of mediocrity when they qualified for an international tournament for the first time since 2014. This summer was supposed to be the pinnacle of his time with the Oranje, with him stepping down upon the conclusion of Euro 2020 and seeking new challenges. However, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted his plans, and everyone else’s, and his international competition debut as a manager was put on hold for another year. Furthermore, Koeman suffered a scare when he was recently hospitalized with heart problems, which made 2020 an unusual year for the manager.

For those who were not aware, Ronald Koeman’s nickname during his playing days was Tintin. The popular character from The Adventures of Tintin has been on many adventures, but none will be as daring as Koeman’s new adventure as Barça’s manager for the upcoming season; Tintin in the land of Dumpster Fires. It pains me that Koeman would abandon his post as the Oranje manager to join FC Barcelona, especially when this is the worst time to join Barça.

It seems that Koeman is following his heart, and not his brain in making this decision. It has always been Koeman’s dream to become Barça’s manager. The former Barça player is a legend who was always linked to the Barça job, following his successful tenure as the Oranje manager. However, this is the worst time to join FC Barcelona who is in the midst of a crisis. Koeman is accepting to take over Barça with hardly any time for a proper preseason; the Spanish league kicks off on September 12. He is inheriting an awful squad and because of Barça’s dire financial situation, it is rather doubtful they’ll be making any good signings. Oh, and the team’s starting goalkeeper, Marc-André ter Stegen, will be undergoing knee surgery and could be out three to four months.

Lastly, the club will be having elections in March 2021 for a new president, so his stay in Barcelona could be short-lived if a new president opts to hire his own manager. Koeman’s heart scare probably made him realize that life is too short and he should not pass up the chance to manage his former club. However, this job is not for the weak of heart and perhaps Koeman should think twice before accepting Barça’s offer and keep his word that he will see out his contract with the Oranje. Then again, he may be out of a job before Euro 2020 kicks off next summer and who knows, maybe the Oranje would take him back.

Ibrahim Ayyub (24 Posts)