After months of speculation whether it would happen there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for ADO Den Haag. 

  • By Nick van Ruivem
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adokyoLocal news channel Omroep West are reporting that general director Maarten Fontein has spoken to the owner-to-be Hui Wang. According to Fontein it is only a matter of days before Wang finalizes the payment to current owner Mark van der Kallen.

Hui Wang is in Europe at the moment and could visit Kyocera Stadium on Saturday as Den Haag take on Excelsior. Wang will not speak to the press about the upcoming take over but will be presented to the media at a press conference to be held in January. At that event he will speak  about his plans with the club.

Wang and Fontein also spoke about the  latter’s contract. Fontein is currently working on an interim basis which is due to end on January 1st, but Wang hopes to keep Fontein on board beyond that date. Fontein himself has already expressed his desire to stay with the club for the foreseeable future.

Once the take over is completed and Wang has revealed his plans it could finally be time for Den Haag to regroup themselves and kickstart their season. At the moment Fräser occupy sixteenth place in the table which woud see them into the relegation play-offs come the end of the season. Surely not something  Mr Wang would have hoped for.

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