Dick Advocaat has explained his decision to resign as the manager of Premier League side Sunderland after Just eight games into the season.

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advocaat cffffThe 68 year old left last week with the Black cats sitting 19th in the Premier League Table.

This is what Advocaat told Dutch show Studio Voetbal, “I already made my decision last week, but the club asked me to do the match against West Ham and I really wanted to finish this in style.

“The struggle against relegation is not my cup of tea. I think it was time for someone else to take over at Sunderland. I became negative and that didn’t feel like myself.

“I don’t regret signing my new contract because it was a great experience. Our squad was simply not good enough. The club knew we had to strengthen ourselves, but the chairman [Ellis Short] never told me how much we could spend. If you are at a club like Sunderland, a club that has less money to spend than many of the others, what has happened now is inevitable and I have no appetite for that.

“I’ve never had the habit to just stop but after eight games with just three points I had the feeling I’m not the right man to be leading the team. I’ve never been in this situation before and I didn’t really see any other solution. I have not asked for any settlement money nor received any and I’m 100 per cent sure I’ll never coach a club again. But it would be nice to help a country to qualify for the [European Championship], I would really like to coach at a Euros.”

Talking about his experience on the Wear side the former PSV coach added, “Sunderland is in my view a very beautiful club. What I have seen no one can take away from me and I would not have missed this for anything. Even on Saturday, there were three or four loud chants for me. The fans supported me until the last day, although they did not know I was leaving.”

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