Newly appointed Barça president , Josep Maria Bartomeu, is looking to rekindle the Catalan clubs relationship with  former Barcelona coach and player Johan Cruyff.

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cruyff aBartomeu’s predecessor Sandro Rossell had publicly fell out with the Barça legend in 2010. When he became blaugrana president he immeditatelly stripped  away Cruyff”s title as honorary president of the club, claiming the decision to make Cruyff honorary president was ‘undemocratic’ expressing that club members should have the right to vote.

The title had been previously given to Cruyff by former president Joan Laporta. Laporta explained to Spanish magazine Marca that he gave him the title as he believed that without the legendary Dutchman the club would not of achieved its recent success. He added that  “He is part of the club’s heritage”.

Towards the end of last year when Ajax faced Barcelona for the first time in the clubs history, Cruyff illustrated his hatred towards Rossell when he said that “he hopes Ajax win the game” and that he will not set a foot inside the Camp Nou while Rossell is in charge of the current regime.

The new president Bartomeu had his first press conference yesterday and he could only speak out about the praise he had for the Dutchman, mentioning that he would love  to see Cruyff back involved with the running of the Spanish giants.

He firstly said that  “Cruyff is a legend for Barcelona, we became culés when watching him” and then later added that ” I really want to call him to talk about the club with him. Cruyff is more than welcome here.”

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