KNVB Director Bert van Oostveen spoke to NOS this evening and gave his opinion on FC Twente’s current plight.

  • By James Rowe

van oostTwente are currently under investigation from the KNVB after leaked documents suggest investment company Doyen have influence on the club’s transfers. If wrong doing is found, Twente face the possibility of being fined, or even losing their professional licence.

KNVB director Bert van Oostveen told NOS, ” I am deeply shocked first and foremost because it is a great club in Enschede and it’s sad to see them going through a difficult time”.

”But what I find even worse is that it appears, I must be careful with my words, it appears that the license commission has been lied to”.

”We have intensive contact with board of directors of FC Twente and the Enschede city council. The license commission will meet later this week and will have to judge the FC Twente dossier”.

”Let’s be real and completely clear the license commission have factually two types of sanctions. One is to administer a fine or revoke the license whether or not conditionally. So the types of sanctions are limited”.

”I fully understand that the club and the city council are doing and will continue to do everything they can to keep FC Twente alive”.

”But let us be honest I am not from the license commission so I have to be modest, FC Twente is a club that belongs in Dutch football”.

” It’s tense times for the club”.

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