Cambuur coach Henk de Jong was critical of referee Kevin Blom after his side were hammered 6-0 by champions PSV on Saturday.

  • By James Rowe

DE JONG HENKCambuur were reduced to ten men after only five minutes after Sander van de Streek was shown red for a dubious handball in the box, and PSV went on to tear the Leeuwarden side apart 6-0.

After the game coach Henk de Jong was interviewed by NOS, and he said on the penalty decision and red card, “No it was not a penalty”

“I have seen them given, but if you are going to give it then don’t give a red card. Where is my player supposed to go. I thought that it was a bad decision and that the referee Kevin Blom also feels bad about the decision.

“Such a decision ruins the whole game. We are in a difficult phase and we have to climb out of that against PSV. If after 5 minutes we are with 10 men against PSV, who are better and then with a man man more. You can be happy that it ends just 6-0. I am not saying that we would have won against PSV, but the game is over after 5 minutes . No disrespect to PSV. I think they are a fantastic team . I wish them all the best for Tuesday against Manchester United.”

On being aggrieved at the red card after 5 minutes, he added, “I want to make clear that referee Kevin Blom is a fantastic referee . But such as decision ruins the game and also we are 6-0 down and he plays two minutes of injury time. I do not understand it. His assistant should have advised him not to allow it.”

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