Netherlands coach Danny Blind still believes that they can qualify for the European Championships on Tuesday.

  • By James Rowe

blind press conferenceNetherlands need to beat the Czech Republic and hope Turkey lose at home to already qualified Iceland on Tuesday to snatch third place and enter the play-off.

Coach Danny Blind spoke to NOS reporter Bert Maalderink on Monday and refused to give up on reaching the Euros in France next year.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

BM: “Because we did not speak to you after the Czech Rep v Turkey game. How big was the disappointment of that result?”

DB: “Of course it is a disappointment but we are still alive and we have to focus on that. You can dwell on what might have been or you can focus on what you can still achieve. It’s the same scenario as the previous game and we must win and wait.

BM: How plausible is that really?

DB: “I do not really think how plausible it is. We must win in any case. That’s the only thing that I can influence on the squad and then we have to wait and see what happens.”

BM: How difficult is that? Not standing a chance and still remaining positive?”

DB: “That is not difficult. You know the hand you have been dealt and that in sport that you can win or lose. It is more difficult if you have more scenarios. This is one scenario that you can only focus on.”

BM: “Can you see it happening that Turkey lose at home to Iceland.”

DB: “Yes I believe in that and if that happens we will have to wait and see.”

BM: “What happens during the game. Are you keep up to date with the score in Konya ( Where the match will be played ) or do you not wish to know what is going on elsewhere?”

DB: “No I do not say that I do not wish to know. It is not also like I have a specific line via somebody because our scenario is one thing only. Win. Because if we do not win nothing will happen.”

BM: “Are you happy that the games are played simultaneously. Because that was the previous weekend not the case.”

BD: “Yes and that is the way it should be in sport when decisive results are played in the last games of the qualification so I think that is good.”

BM: Did you think that unfair in the case of the previous weekend where the Netherlands played before Turkey?”

DB: “I have not really thought too much about it. Now that you have asked me I think why are our last games not played simultaneously because they are decisive.”

BM: “But that is not where the qualification has gone wrong!”

DB: “It’s about the results over 10 games and we know that we have made mistakes along the way. But I do not take away in the last phase that the same circumstances in terms of kick off times would have been more honest.”

BM: “There have been many mistakes along the way in qualifying. What do you think has been the biggest? Or does it not matter?”

DB: “That is difficult to say. I think the first defeat in Prague to Czech Republic was very painful because it happened in stoppage time. A point away to Czech Republic would have been a good start. Preferably to have won the game also. It’s not just that you lose 3 points but also your competitors in the group already have distance. This has proved important also in a mental approach.”

BM: “Mentally that is important throughout the qualification games.”
DB: “To start with a win is always the best.”

BM: “Will you make big changes to your starting lineup? New keeper?”

DB: “Yes a new keeper definitely than the last game and you know that I do not talk about my starting lineup. I know what I want and the players also. We spoke about it this morning and that will happen again today and tomorrow. There will not be four of five changes for example.”

BM: “Just trying to look in your head. The first two keepers are injured then is Jeroen Zoet ( PSV Eindhoven) number one?”

DB: “Yes that is the most logical and I have already made my choice and that’s it. I am clear about that.”

BM: “Good Luck”
DB: “Thank you very much”

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