James Rowe recently spoke to Dutch national team midfielder Jill Roor. They talked about being part of the Netherlands squad which won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017, her time at FC Twente Ladies and also her current club Bayern Munich Ladies.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

James: ”In 2017 you signed for Bayern Munich Ladies. Are you enjoying your time at the club so far and what’s it like to play for such a big club? ”

Jill: ”It’s fantastic to play for Bayern Munich Ladies. The environment here is so professional and Bayern Munich are a massive club. We are treated as real professionals here in Germany. I believe that we miss that a little in the women’s game in the Netherlands. It’s fantastic to be able to play for Bayern Munich Ladies.”

James: ”How are you getting on living in Munich. Is it a nice city to live in? ”

Jill: ”Yes it’s fine. I needed some time to get used to it as I was living independently for the first time in my life. But I must say I adapted quickly. The people in Munich are also very friendly not just at the club but also in the city and I am enjoying living in Munich. ”

James: ”You also played 4 seasons for FC Twente Ladies winning many trophies ( including 4 consecutive Eredivisie titles ). How do you look back on your time in Enschede? ”

Jill: ”FC Twente Ladies was a wonderful time in my career. I won many trophies including almost everything that you could win. To win 4 titles was amazing and as a team we were very successful and I also believe that I developed well as a player. Many of my teammates also became my friends. I have fantastic memories and I sometimes miss the people there. It was a very special time with great memories. ”

James: ”Do you notice a difference between Dutch and German football leagues? ”

Jill: ”Yes the German league is more physical and the tempo is quicker. But there is also a difference in the mentality too. If you have to run in the Netherlands players complain about that and here in Germany nobody complains in that respect you do what you have to do for the good of the team and everyone listens and respects that. At times the German league feels like another world. I would also say that the Dutch women’s league is still relatively young and there are more experienced players here in Germany. ”

James: ”You mentioned the differences in the German league and your teammates. What can you tell me about your current manager Thomas Worle? ”

Jill: ”I believe Thomas Worle is a great manager and I am pleased that he is our manger. He is really driven and almost obsessed with football. He also has a lot of knowledge and a serious work ethic. He is also tactically very strong and he knows what he wants from his team’s. We often train to achieve perfection and I only have positive things to say about him and the way he conducts himself. ”

James: ”You were part of the Netherlands squad that won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017. How do you look back on your involvement in that unique achievement? ”

Jill: ”It was really bizarre and I must say that it has still not completely sunk in although you begin to realize more and more what we achieved together. It was a fantastic experience and to see what the tournament did for the whole of the Netherlands and the attention it received and the reaction to us winning it. I believe we helped to put women’s football on the map in the Netherlands. ”

James: ”What can you tell me about your current national team manager Sarina Wiegman? ”

Jill: ”She knows how to really get her message across that we are one team and she manages to make everybody feel appreciated and I believe she does that really well because there were times in the past where there was a sort club feeling between the players in the starting lineup and the substitutes whereby the substitutes felt unappreciated. Sarina Wiegman is also very driven and wants to do well as a manager. She is also a manager than can read women well and that enables her to create a good team spirit amongst the squad. ”

James: ”You are still very young and you have won an awful lot of trophies. Could you say is the best player that you have ever played with? ”

Jill: ”Lieke Martens is very unique and definitely one of the best players that I have played with so far in my career. Here at Bayern Munich Ladies we have many good players but I would say my current teammate Sara Dabritz. She is still very young and will continue to grow as a player in the future but the level she is currently playing at is very impressive indeed.”

James: ”Who is the most difficult opponent you have everĀ faced? ”

Jill: ”4 years ago I played in the women’s Champions League with FC Twente against Olympique Lyon and I was only 17 years old and I came up against French attacking midfielder Louisa Necib Cadamuro. She is now retired but she was a tremendous playmaker. ”

James: ”Finally Jill. You are still very young with a very bright future ahead of you. Is there a manager so far in your career that has helped you a lot? ”

Jill: ”Yes Arjan Veurink who is now assistant of the Dutch women’s national team. He was my manager at FC Twente Ladies for 4 years and he was very important in my personal development as a footballer. When I signed my first contract with FC Twente Ladies I debuted under him at a very young age and since that time I remained in the starting lineup. He played a key role in my development as a footballer. ”

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