James Rowe spoke to LA Galaxy’s Pele van Anholt in the tunnel of the StubHub Center after LA Galaxy beat Colorado Rapids 3-0. They spoke about his decision to sign for LA Galaxy and his time in the Netherlands with SC Heerenveen, Willem II and also playing under Marco van Basten.

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Below is a transcript of the interview

JR: “Good evening Pele thank for you time. Can I start by asking about your decision to sign for LA Galaxy. Was it a conscious decision?”

PvA: “The choice to come to LA Galaxy was partly conscious. I had other others but I always wanted an adventure and preferably abroad. I played quiet a long time in the Eredivisie and then I received the offer from LA Galaxy. I believe it is the most famous football club in the United States. Many well known players have come here including David Beckham and Nigel De Jong. I also spoke with my family and I must say that it is dream to be here.”

JR: “How did you hear of the interest from LA Galaxy. Was there initial contact where you ever aware of their interest? ”

PvA: “It came out of nowhere because I did not expect to go to the United Sates from the Netherlands and the interest went via my agent. But that does not really matter I am just so happy to be here. ”

JR: ” You suffered an ACL injury in the previous game and are ruled out for the season. That must be difficult after such a promising start? ”

PvA: “Yes it was a very difficult moment for me. Unbelievable really as I never had any problems with my knees and then something like this happens and I am disappointed to be out for the season. I hope to come back stronger. I am still young and he knees still have to grow back to full health.”

JR: “You made more than 120 appearances for SC Heerenveen. How do you look back on your time in Friesland? ”

PvA: “SC Heerenveen is where everything started for me. I am from the area. I lived in Bolsward not too far away. I started in the youth teams at a young age and managed to made my debut for the first team. I am delighted to have played so many games for the club. ”

JR: “Do you have any particular highlights from your time at SC Heerenveen? ”

PvA: “Yes I would say playing under Marco van Basten in my second year at the club. We had a good team that finished 4th in the Eredivisie. We played really well and had a good group of players. Everything fitted in it’s place in terms of manager, assistant and playing squad and even the physio for example. ”

JR: “Last season you played for Willem II. How did it come about that you left SC Heerenveen ?

PvA: “I had an option to stay at SC Heerenveen but the club knew that eventually I wanted to leave and have a new experience as I had stated that before so we decided not to continue with one another. I then had the chance to go abroad but due to circumstances that did not happen. After that I deliberately chose to sign for Willem II for one season. ”

JR: Willem II have suffered a difficult start to the season. What do you make of their start to the campaign ?

PvA: “Yes but it was the same last season too where we lost two in a row and in the 3rd game we played away at Ajax in Amsterdam and we won 2-1 which nobody expected. Last year we had problems scoring at Willem II and they have the same this season so that is something that they need to improve. Willem II apart from that are a good footballing side. ”

JR: “I ask in all my interviews who the best player is that they have ever played with as it is interesting for the reader. Who is the best player that you have ever played with? ”

PvA: “I must say Oussama Assaidi due to him being so unpredictable. You never knew which was he was going to go. He could go on the inside and outside. He is one of the better players that I have played with. ”

JR: “What about an opponent. Who is the most difficult player that you have played against?”

PvA: “When I first made it into the first team at SC Heerenveen I played against Dries Mertens who is now doing very well in Serie A. I remember one game where I managed to keep him in check which was confirmation for me that I was on the right path. But without a doubt Dries Mertens is one of the better opponents that I have played against.”

JR: “Finally you mentioned Marco van Basten. Is he the best manager you have had or was there perhaps another? ”

PvA: “No I would not say that he is definitely the best manager I played under but he could definitely motivate players really well. I had a lot of time and respect for Dwight Lodeweges at SC Heerenveen. He was tactically very strong and I learnt a lot from him which has stayed with me. From every manager you learn something. “

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