Already a contender for game of the week, a 7 goal thriller was in store for the spectators at De Adelaarshorst.

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go-ahead-eagles-verslaat-nec-in-spectaculair-duelGo Ahead Eagles got off to a stormer of a start, scoring three goals within 28 minutes. The first of which came after just 4 minutes when Deniz Turuc found the net from a stunning long range free kick.

The second was finished simply by Xander Houtkoop after a terrific ground cross came to him across the goal line. The nails seemed to be hammered firmly into the coffin when Jarchinio Antonia headed the ball down sweetly to put himself through on goal, finishing with ease.

In the 70th minute, there was chance to get a forth for GAE with a lofted cross sent across goal. The keeper was beaten, but nobody managed to make the contact to send it home.
2 minutes later, Michael Higdon set the NEC comeback in motion after some heavy pressure from the Nijmegen outfit. Jakob Jantscher lifted the visitors’ spirits once again in the 76th when he tapped in an easy squared ball across a gaping Go Ahead goal.

It was 10 minutes later when Ryan Koolwijk took a shot on from just inside the box, beating the keeper, and bringing his side level. However, moments after the match restarted, Alizera Jahanbakhsh quelled his own team’s comeback, sweeping a low cross into his own net. To his credit, had he not done this, the opposition would have done it anyway.

So Go Ahead get off lightly and NEC struggle further, but could definitely draw inspiration from the way they played in the later stages of the game.

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