The employers ‘organisation FBO and the players’ unions VVCS and ProProf have reached an agreement on a package of emergency measures. This will help save €35 million.

The corona virus outbreak is having a major effect on Dutch club’s finances with the season ended early and the likelihood that fans will not be allowed back into stadiums for around a year until a vaccine is found.

It has now been announced that the employers ‘organisation FBO, the players’ unions VVCS and ProProf and the trade union Coaches Paid Football (CBV) have all reached an agreement to reduce salaries and are supported by the KNVB, Eredivisie CV and Cooperative Eerste Divisie.

The percentage that players have to give in salary increases as the players earn more. Up to an annual salary of 500 thousand euros, increasing percentages apply to 17.5 percent. Every euro above the five hundred thousand mark means a 20 percent discount.

The collective salary reduction is only advice – and therefore not an obligation. It is expected that the proposals will be adopted by most clubs. The appointment is valid until December 31 and expires as soon as the matches can welcome fans again.

The Eredivisie may cut salaries from June, in the Kitchen Champion Division the measures may start from July. Professional football is the first sector in the Netherlands that has been able to make collective agreements on salary reductions in corona times. 

The parties have calculated that the potential annual salary savings could be €35 million.

FBO director Serge Rossmeisl said in a statement, “We are appropriately proud that in these bizarre, difficult and troubled times for everyone, we were able to make collective agreements with the unions about emergency measures for professional football.

“It indicates that everyone in football is fully aware of the seriousness of the crisis and the consequences for professional football. In addition, this regulation proves that professional football takes the responsibility to look at itself first, when taking necessary measures. “

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