KNVB director Nico-Jan Hoogma has confirmed talks have been held with Sergino Dest and Mohamed Ihattaren about their international future with the Netherlands.

Sergino Dest is likely to be called up by the U.S national team for competitive fixtures this month so the KNVB must act quickly to convince the Ajax right-back to pick the Netherlands.

Talks were held between Netherlands boss Ronald Koeman, Dest and Nico-Jan Hoogma last week.

Hoogma confirmed this to Voetbal International, “Ronald Koeman and I had a conversation with Dest and his agent.

“Trying to convince a player is always difficult, because the arguments are limited. We cannot use money, there is no transfer policy like at a club, nor do we make a moral appeal because of an alleged indebtedness to a country.

“Ronald and I tell a purely substantive story, in which we sketch a sporting picture and explain why we think they are of good quality enough to become a player of the Dutch national team.

“You cannot promise someone a starting place, but you can indicate who the competitors are.┬áDest must make a trade-off based on our story: Am I now going to bind myself to America or will I choose the Dutch national team? “

Hoogma also confirmed the talks with PSV Eindhoven talent Mohamed Ihattaren, who could choose Morocco.

He said, “The route with Ihattaren has been running a little longer. He is now with the Dutch Juniors and we have already had coffee here with him. He is of course emphatically in the picture. We are in close contact with PSV. Ronald with Mark van Bommel, myself with John de Jong and Toon Gerbrands. The same applies to Ajax and Dest. In those conversations we consult: How are we going to ensure that he chooses us? Clubs also prefer that players stay close and not have to travel long every international period. If they are at the KNVB, then they can also switch quickly if something is wrong.

“Ronald has had contact with Mohammed Ihattaren following the match against Ajax and his statements afterwards. We respect his wish to have a moment’s rest at the moment because his father is sick. We put a lot of energy into it, because we see a lot of future in these players.”

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