KNVB director Bert van Oostveen has denied that the Netherlands national team are going through a crisis and has backed coach Danny Blind.

  • By James Rowe

van oostveen nedNetherlands 3-0 defeat to Turkey on Sunday means the Oranje are set to miss out on the European Championships for the first time since 1984. Only wins over Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic, coupled with Turkey losing one of their remaining matches will guarantee Netherlands a play-off place.

Interviewed by NOS reported Joep Schreuder, KNVB director Bert van Oostveen denied that Netherlands and Dutch football in general is in a crisis.

Van Oostveen said, “No It is not a crisis .But the situation is worrying .If you hope to get 6 points from two crucial qualifying games and you get none that is not good

Joep Schreuder, “It is not a crisis in Dutch football?

Van Oostveen, “It is easy to say crisis when you have lost two times. The fact remains that it is historically bad if anything to do with Dutch football is something for the experts to discuss and at the same time we had hoped after the change of manager that it would be better.”

Schreuder, “There was a Dutch football congress (Last December) There is now a national debate coming regarding what we must do with football. You also want to play a part in that?

Van Oostveen “We play a role in it. You can remember that in May 2014 I suggested that we have a congress and after a fantastic world cup that was laughed at. In December ( last year ) everybody was agreeing that it must happen because the congress made a few points that now need to be implemented. Maybe our national team follows club football where things are not good. But I think it is not going to far to say that it is a structural problem. If you look at the quality that we have in this country.”

Schreuder, “Is it not time to recognize that we have become a second rate football country. Is recognition not the first step?”

Van Oostveen, “At this moment in time is there disappointment and reality and recognition is the next phase. Recognition is also that 15 months ago we achieved Bronze and 3rd place at the World Cup. Did we peak at the correct moment? with near enough the same players. We have to discuss things together and that we have a debate is understandable because football is the number one sport in the Netherlands.”

Schreuder, “Do you still have confidence in Danny Blind”

Van Oostveen, “Absolutely”

Schreuder, “Having spoken to many experts this morning they say there is a lack of clarity and that’s how the players become unsure and make personal mistakes. Do you not feel it’s right to ask the question where do we want to go with Dutch football .What do we want with our national team?

Van Oostveen, “In general you must ask the question where do we want to go with our national team and where we want to go with Dutch football. You mention lack of clarity. I also speak to the staff inside of the squad and they say that there was a lot of clarity. I hear conflicting reports.”

Schreuder, “Many Opinions”

Van Oostveen “Yes that is why football is so great. I have in nicer instances arrived and stood before the press here at Amsterdam Schipol airport.”

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