The KNVB has confirmed that they intend to end the Eredivisie season after the government’s announcement on Tuesday. However, they will consult with UEFA before making the decision.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte confirmed on Tuesday that all professional football in the Netherlands is banned until the 1st of September. That means it is now impossible for the Eredivisie season to be finished before then.

The KNVB then confirmed in a statement that the intention is now to end the season but they will consult with UEFA first and then talk with clubs on Friday.

The statement said, “As a result, the board of professional football, which is formally about that, intends not to continue playing the 2019/20 competition. Based on the government’s decision today, the KNVB will consult with UEFA, after which the decision will be taken. On Friday, the clubs and other parties involved will meet to discuss the consequences.”

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