KNVB Spokesman Chris van Nijnatten spoke to the NOS regarding the allocation of only 1200 for Vitesse supporters for the upcoming Johan Cruyff Schaal.

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Vitesse director Joost de Wit spoke out abut their small allocation for the match with Feyenoord, but the KNVB have now responded.

van Nijnatten said, ”I understand that fury and frustration regarding the allocation received by Vitesse Arnhem for the Johan Cruyff Schaal. We would also prefer that more supporters would be able to attend the match.

”But furthermore, I do not understand the position of Vitesse. We spoke about this at length with the five clubs that were eligible at the time to play this game Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Vitesse and AZ Alkmaar and we stated clearly that the new Johan Cruyff Schaal sees the reigning champion plays at home and therefore the away section of the stadium is only available for the visitors Vitesse in this case.

”I understand the fans frustrations if it was my club playing in the Johan Cruyff Schaal I would also want to see the game live but I must make clear that the board of Vitesse were constantly involved in this process and it is now strange they make their feelings known. They should have done that at the time of negotiations.

”There appears to a breakdown in communications internally within Vitesse about this and maybe people were not paying attention or maybe our signals were also not strong enough.

”This is a new Johan Cruyff Schaal the reigning champions play at home. There is also a new approach in terms of the distribution of money surrounding the game. We also ensure a bigger guarantee in terms of a sold out stadium and also the charity the Johan Cruyff Foundation receives an amount from the gate receipts. All parties involved were satisfied with our protocol during negotiations.”

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