The Dutch Football Association wants to introduce video refereeing technology to the Eredivisie.

  • By Himanshu Dhingra
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kuipers fjbfThe KNVB has asked the International Football association board about the use of the technology, which is going to be experimented within the Jupiler League this autumn.

Under the rules both coaches can question one decision made by the referee in each half. The decision would then go to the Video referee who will take the decision within a stipulated time period.

KNVB competition affairs manager Gijs de Jong stated in a press release, “We are very pleased with the first year of our video referee tests,”

“On average this season, there were two or three contentious moments per game where the video referee could have had a supporting role. In these situations, we found that the video referee could have given correct advice to the refereeing officials on the pitch within ten seconds. This could have added to the fairness of matches.”

“First, our proposal needs to be submitted to the IFAB and FIFA and approved by them. The KNVB believes that the video referee is the future in football.”

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