De Graafschap and Cambuur will remain in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie after Provisional judge Hans Zuurmond sided with the KNVB.

The KNVB decided to not relegate RKC or ADO Den Haag when they ended the season early, with De Graafschap and Cambuur also denied promotion.

The two Keuken Kampioen Divisie sides then decided to take the KNVB to court, with the hearing taking place last Friday. The result of that hearing was revealed today.

The judge ruled that it was not a regular season and that means the KNVB have the rights to decide whether there would be promotion or relegation.

He said, “You can’t speak of a regular season.

“It is defensible that the KNVB chooses not to apply promotion / relegation. It would have been the same if the other way around. But it is up to the KNVB to make a choice.”

The KNVB have also shut down any chance of their being a twenty team season, despite clubs being open to that option.

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