Dutch UEFA president candidate Michael Van Praag spoke to the media about the upcoming election whilst lobbying for support and admitted whilst his opponent Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin is lauded by associations he is not giving up hope.

  • By James Rowe
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van praag knvb cjcjThe UEFA Presidential election takes place on Wednesday the 14th of September and if he is elected, Michael van Praag is confident he can make big changes.

He said, “It’s true that in the media Aleksander Ceferin is favorite but I have visited over 40 countries in order to gain support and I base my confidence on the meetings that I have with the national counterparts and associations.

“What will be decisive in this election will be that you visit the members of associations to convince them of your idea’s and with my experience and I can tell everybody exactly what is going wrong inside UEFA and due to the fact that I have an enormous network within UEFA and Europe I Will be able to change things straight away and if you ask someone from outside to do that who would maybe need a year to discover the problems UEFA is facing then we fall another year behind in relation to any reforms.”

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