After Amin Younes stated earlier on Wednesday that he has definitely not signed a contract with Napoli the Italian club have responded with amazement.

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The German winger reportedly signed for Napoli in January with the contract set to start when his deal with Ajax expires in the summer.

However, speaking to Sport 1, Younes now claims to have signed no deal, “I want to clarify once again that I negotiated with Napoli for a transfer, but for personal reasons, I decided to respect my contract with Ajax until June 30, 2018 and I will be concentrated on my club until then. I haven’t signed with Napoli, not even a preliminary contract or any contract that will tie me from July 1, 2018.”

These claims have been rubbished by Napoli lawyer Mattia Grassani, who told Napoli kiss kiss radio, “The claims of Younes are amazing and disturbing, especially given that he is international of Germany and player of Ajax,

“You almost laugh at it, the fact is that there is a contract, including an agreement about his portrait rights, with 31 signatures from Younes.

“If he says that he can no longer remember that he has signed a contract, it can not be further away from reality,” says Grassani. “The contracts have been signed and the ball is now with Younes If I hear what he says, it seems he wants to challenge the agreement, but then he has to prove he was not the person who 31, I repeat it again , Has put 31 signatures.

“There are also emails in which he requests Napoli to send the contracts with the signature of President Aurelio De Laurentiis so that he could hand him over to the lawyer, I really do not know how to challenge this contract. he expressed his joy several times about the fact that he was going to play for Napoli.

“Younes will be Napoli’s player on July 1st. If the player does not report at the start of the preparation for the new season, if the player signs for another club, that would be a very bad scenario for Younes and his new club.  We are talking about suspensions and heavy financial penalties, transfer bans for the player and his new club, but now we do not want to throw more oil on the fire. “

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